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A few months ago we reviewed the Nano 9 and found it to be a superb training shoe, testing it against a whole host of training scenarios. Training shoes are designed to better protect your feet during exercise such as lateral moves, jumping and lifting weights. All of which require a different type of stability to running. Running shoes are designed to cushion the foot when landing, and move the foot through the natural running gait.

Now in its 10th X iteration, the Nano has grown in popularity amongst CrossFit athletes, appealing to everyone from beginners to the fittest athletes in the world, and everyone in between. This gives the athlete a stable base for lifting, and the Nano X is no different. This coupled with a highly durable upper, and now at least in my opinion the best looking training shoe so far, is how the Nano X demands it premium price tag.

The advantage of it being in its 10th version is that each launch has taken onboard athlete feedback and improved a little each time. Before even opening the box you can tell this shoe is different than previous Nanos. For starters, the box no longer features any CrossFit branding. Perhaps due to the fact people automatically associate the Nano with CrossFit, but also maybe because Reebok are trying to appeal to the wide fitness market, with the popularity of HIIT and boutique fitness classes continuing to boom.

This lack of CrossFit branding of course continues on the design of the shoe, with no mention of it, and the delta logo being fully replaced with the traditional vector.

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In the hand the shoe feels heavy and solid. Its heavier than the Nano 9, and likely the heaviest Nano yet. On the foot I find Nanos to come up very large. After sending back a pair of EU Perhaps a little narrower than the Nano 9, but not too noticeable. Due to the wide toe box they feel comfortable straight away and there are no areas that rub. One of the first things you notice about the Nano X is the heel cup and tongue height.

Both raise far up the ankle for aesthetic purposes, and are padded for comfort. This, added to the large delta logo give the Nano X a somewhat retro look, which I wholeheartedly agree with Reebok when they claim this to be the best looking Nano yet. The outsole of the Nano X is identical to that of the Nano 9, with the predominant feature being the Ropepro midsole wrap.

This Ropepro sole wraps all the way around the heel to the middle of the foot to protect the shoe from tearing on rope climbs. It also allows the foot to grip the a rope to allow you to climb up and down safely and quickly. The midsole is a dual density EVA foam, with a firmer rearfoot, and softer forefoot. The firm rearfoot is a feature to increase stability on lifts, and the softer forefoot to cushion landings when running or jumping.

The two differently colored outsole sections are flexible, with mimimal tread to further keep the feet planted solidly. There are 3 Metasplit grooves on the outsole, which also feature in other Reebok models to support toe splay and enhance the stability.

reebok nano x review

The lack of tread also enhances the stable base. The heel drop from heel to the forefoot is 4mm, which is ideal for a training shoe. It gives a little elevation on the heel to assist with lifting, but not enough to make it feel unnatural or to hinder plyometric training. This is a super durable overlay, on top of a thinly padded sock to which most of the tongue is attached.

The demands of the upper of a training shoe differ to that of a running shoe, as it needs to withstand abrasion from ropes, impact on the inside of the shoe from fast changes of direction, and is often used indoors so breathability is desirable too.For the past 10 years, the Reebok Nano X has been a leading footwear cross-training world.

What has always set the Reebok Nano apart from its competitors is its durability in such a large variety of exercises. Both experts and novices in the sport can agree that this shoe is built to last through every jump, every lift, and every sprint. The Nano X features an upper with an all-new Flexweave, mesh material, designed to feel a little lighter than its previous version, while still retaining its durability.

The new Nano X also now features more flexibility in the outer sole, making quick movements even easier in this latest iteration. The Reebok Nano X feels as durable as it is comfortable. Unlike most traditional running shoes, this cross-trainer boasts a minimal drop outsole. This keeps the wearer more level with the ground, allowing for maximum stability during exercises such as jumping or lifting. The Reebok Nano X is a prefect solution for ever runner who wants to add cross-training to their routine.

reebok nano x review

Industry experts have spoken for years about the importance of cross-training for runners. And if you're going to cross train, you need the proper footwear for lateral movements. Whether it be weightlifting or taking the occasional HIIT class, cross-training activities provide many benefits to runners. We're talking injury prevention, rehabilitation, muscle and strengthening joints. From everything from burpees and jumping jacks to sprints and deadlifts, the Nano X will support your cross-training.

The most important feature of the Nano X is its durability. Cross-training requires a shoe that can support quick movements, extensive jumps, and heavy lifts without breaking down.

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The sturdy outsole and the mid-level heel cup of the Nano X both provide a larger level of comfort and stability than a traditional running shoe during cross-training activities.

Although the Nano X is the most 'runnable' Nano yet, it is only meant for shorter running distances, supporting the the runner up to a 5k. The Nano X does have a good amount of flexibility for a cross-training shoe, but not as much as your traditional trainer.

Skip to main content Enable Accessibility.The new Reebok Nano X1 training shoe offers a more versatile take on the market. Still designed for lifting, more activities are possible in the Reebok X1 training shoe.

Reebok Nano X

The upper also comes new, with two weave materials to choose from. Durable Flexweave Grit material matches high-level support while the Flexweave Knit has a style-driven design with breathability for a lighter option.

Reebok, which has long focused on fitness, wants to continue to push forward in that space. The new Reebok X1 training shoe also has a lifestyle-ready aesthetic, the brand says.

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The lightweight, anatomical design with a refined toe-shape helps with versatility and stability, but also aesthetics. As the fitness world continues to grow its range of activities, Reebok aims to stay locked into the area. I cover stadiums, sneakers and tennis. I have written regularly about design, gear, architecture and sport for TIME, Sports Illustrated, Popular Mechanics, Wired and more, from sit-down exclusives to chat sneakers with Kobe Bryant to multiple fashion discussions with Roger Federer and from walking the concourses of yet-unopened stadiums with architects to exploring concession menus with chefs.

By merging my interest in sports with architecture and design, I cover sports aesthetics. Follow me on Twitter at tdnewcomb. This is a BETA experience. Jan 22,pm EST.

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Edit Story. Jan 13,am EST. Ted Thompson. Dustin Poirier 2. Tim Newcomb. Read Less.I recently bought myself a pair of Reebok Nano X shoes for general training. Personally I went back on forth on whether or not to buy the Reebok Nano X, when there are plenty of the older models around that could be bought for significantly less money! In the end though, I went for them on a number of points….

That being said, you can do your research and still make a mistake. A post shared by Stephen Hoyles hoylesfitness. The Nano model has been synonymous with CrossFit since it was first released inbecause it was designed with true flexibility in mind. You can go from running on a treadmill to performing weightlifting movements.

The Reebok Nano X is a shoe designed to be able to cope with the demands of multiple disciplines. There have been 10 different versions of the Reebok Nano over the years, with various design tweaks and upgrades. These are across materials, design features, manufacturing processes and the like. The Nano range is designed to combine features and design elements of typical running shoes and weightlifting shoes. This means they have a breathable upper, a firm, slightly wedged midsole and a flat, rubber sole which allows a lot of grip and surface area contact with the floor and a stable platform for weightlifting from.

The first point to raise is the comfort — they fit really well. I find that I vary between a size 9 and 10 depending on the brand, so went for a 9 and they fitted perfectly. When you consider these shoes are equipment, not fashion then the price seems really quite reasonable. This is an improvement on previous versions of the Nano. In some of the earlier Reebok Nano models there were complaints that the sole was too stiff favouring weightlifting morewhich made running particularly uncomfortable.

Thankfully Reebok have listened to user feedback and improved the design accordingly. They do the job well. The Reebok Nano X is certainly suitable for a wide range of weightlifting movements. Where I believe they excel on a strength training basis is with deadlifting and general strength training. They combine the flat sole of the Chuck Taylors with a stiffer, breathable upper.

The nature of CrossFit is varied, so the Nano has to be the ultimate cross training shoe. The toe box is wide, so it gives your toes plenty of area to move. The laces allow you to lock the foot in the shoe as tightly as you want. If you need a lot of foot support, you can make them tighter. The sole is perfectly flat, which is important for strength training and weightlifting work. I also think it helps with kettlebell training too.

The sole is made from a very grippy rubber — something I was pleasantly surprised with. When pushing a prowler for example, the sole comes into its own. For kettlebell work, the flat sole gives you excellent ground contact. As someone who uses kettlebells a lot, this is a big deal for me. The midsole is flexible enough to run, without giving away too much in power leaks when squatting or weightlifting.

That is exactly what I love about them though. Fully signed up, paid up member of the Nano X club. Click the image below to download…. Owner of www. Personal Trainer, Father and fitness copy writer. Working hard making the world fitter and healthier!

reebok nano x review

View all posts by HoylesFitness.The Reebok Nano X is a good, comfortable, and stable shoe for training in the gym. Best offers Technologies. Michael Struckmeyer — July 23, As a huge fan of the nano series I was at first a little disappointed about the design of the nano X. Personally I liked that the shoe was looking a little like a skate sneaker in the past. The sole of the nano 8 was one of the grippiest and the wide toe box pleased US12 sized feet of mine.

But now to the present the nano X — I ordered the yellow ones in the same size I ordered the nano 8, other reviews suggested that the toe box is narrow so better go half size up — I cannot confirm this for the nano X — true fit the nano 9 was half size off. Putting these shoes on — feel comfortable and immediately at home. The toe box is more elastic and softer than the 8 and 9 — at first I did not like this, but after a session in the gym … so comfy. Also the midsole feels stiffer than the previous versions and has more of a damping to it.

Heel is locked in and deadlifts and heavy squats are no problem. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Reebok Nano X Review AFTER 100 Workouts

Runner's Lab is a site created by and for runners to help you find the best running shoes. For each running shoe model we analyze reviews from many sources to propose an overall score and a consensus. Home Training shoes Reebok Nano X.

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Reebok Nano X. Overall score Read review. Buy now. Last Amazon price update was: January 22, pm. Any price and availability information displayed on Amazon. Analysis of reviews. Good training shoe — comfortable and stable — designed for cross training.

Value for money. Model: Reebok Nano X. Price History.Now, the Nano X is getting the WIT Whatever It Takes Fitness treatment, teaming up with the global training brand and retailer for an attractive spin on the Nano that preserves all the best features from the OG shoe and adds a few fun details that make it even better. Like many people, my feet sweat when I exercise and that can sometimes distract me from focusing on trying to crush a PR or simply get to the end of a workout without laying in the ground in a fit of total exhaustion.

But I was impressed by the breathability of these Reebok Nano X shoes. This was an added value during workouts, but also prevented the stinky-shoe aftermath that many home workout warriors have had to contend with the past few months. This Nano X shoe also provided added stability and comfort during my workouts, thanks to a minimal drop outsole and high-density foam in the collar. United States. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories.

Reebok Nano X Shoes. Spencer Dukoff Deputy Editor of Content Strategy Spencer Dukoff is the deputy editor of content strategy at Men's Health where leads audience development efforts across all platforms for the magazine. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses.

You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below.For the 10th installment of the longstanding CrossFit staple shoe, the Nano, Reebok has decided to pull an Apple and change the naming scheme to roman numerals to confuse half the population out there.

No there will not be a separate Nano At least to the best of my knowledge. Long live the Vector. The appearance of the X is daring; it has a lot of concepts going on with it and is a far cry from the plain design of the 8 and 9. Pesonally, I like it, but I consider myself to have somewhat eclectic taste in things.

A little Yeezy, a little Nano. Oh and I have to mention the weave is in an X pattern now. Where the X differs the most in the upper is around the rear quarter, where they removed the Flexweave in place for a stiffer polyurethane backed nylon with some mesh thrown in here and there.

Gone is the piping around the ankle collar and now we have a much more polished looking bootie.

I Trained for a Week While Wearing the New Reebok Nano X WIT Training Shoes

The tongue in the X is a bit taller and has a more angular design to it, making it fit over the front of your ankle flush and comfortably. Another extra for you, the Nano X weighs in at a hefty 14oz for a mens 10; a full ounce heavier than the 9 g vs You knew that with all that extra material, there had to be some differences in the way the shoe fits, right? I will admit, my first thought when I put the shoes on was that they might be a little bit on the small side.

They did get more comfortable after a a short bit of wear, but they are definitely more narrow fitting than Nano 9. At this point the shoe is comfortable enough for me, though I do notice my toes getting pressed up into the front of the shoe during certain things. I also tried a half size up and the shoe becomes too long. Kankles, I do not have.

Size of the X most closely resembles the 4s. If you have really wide feet, consider going with a half size up with your X. Sure, the Flexweave has a little more stretch to it, but all the panels and overlays make the shoe more rigid. For burpees, you can definitely feel the bulk of the shoes. Couple that with the street style of the shoe and I think I would rock these on the daily.

Wrong, the Nano X are. I dare. While the added bits and pieces in the Nano X make them feel a little bit less athletic, they make up for it all in with how good they feel to lift in.

The extra weight here makes the shoe feel more planted and the more secure upper provides better containment for your feet. Even though it does feel like there is a little more thickness to the midsole foam, response still feels tack sharp and I highly doubt anyone is going to dislike lifting in these shoes. Is the Nano X better than the 9?

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